Yosemite National Park

So this is weird… Nic and I left Vegas and headed toward Yosemite… 100 degrees to (I kid you not) less than 50. We had been complaining about the desert heat for so long, I guess we got what we were asking for. It was basically winter. We stayed in Mammoth Lakes, which is a great little town about an hour from Yosemite. We had planned on camping, but I chickened out when I saw it was going to be 30 that evening. I did not want to camp in 30 degree weather in June. We stayed in a Motel 6 instead. It was fine. All of that aside…

I am putting all my money on Yosemite being the most incredible National Park Nic and I will ever visit. Maybe I will be wrong (we still have Yellowstone, and who knows where else we may end up), but I feel very strongly that Yosemite will be the winner.

I literally do not have words. All I can say is, Nic and I will be back. We will plan a longer trip here. It was AMAZING.

These pictures – in no way, shape, or form – do this place justice. It is a great gift to see a place so full of beauty.

*Date visited: June 16


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