Virginia Beach

This place is exactly what we needed after the last couple days. It was the perfect place to just relax, and that is exactly what we did. After checking into our oceanfront hotel and getting settled on our room, Nic and I walked along the boardwalk. It is almost three miles long, but instead of walking the entire length, we stopped at the fishing pier and took a stroll past all the folks waiting for a fish to bite. Some of them were alone, some in big groups, some waiting patiently, some listening to music and drinking beer. We were told there were some dolphins swimming out in the ocean, but we were not able to spot them… Yet. We also passed some pretty cool chalk art, all very creative!


After our walk, Nic and I decided to grab a bite to eat at our hotel. Almost every restaurant along the boardwalk was connected to a hotel or resort, and we figured there was no better place to go than the place closest to where we were staying. We chowed down on some fish tacos and fish & chips and drank some local beer before picking out some fudge at Oh Fudge! which was right across from our hotel. Afterwards, we headed up to our room for the evening. We kept our door open for a while so we could hear the waves below is, immediately feeling at ease. While we were relaxing we heard some fireworks going off which was a pleasant surprise. Even though I wasn’t disappointed that we didn’t see any fireworks on the Fourth, I was still happy to watch them tonight.

The next morning, I got up and went for a jog on the boardwalk; it was so nice to have the ocean alongside as I almost died from the heat. I had forgotten what humidity can feel like when it is so warm out! Nic and I ate breakfast and then got ready for a day at the beach!

It was hot! There was no way a person could just sit or lay on the beach and be comfortable. Nic spent the majority of his time in the ocean and meandering along the beach, and I dipped in to cool off occasionally. This is when we saw the dolphins! They were just swimming and jumping not too far from where we are! It was super cool. For lunch we picked up pizza at a place down the street called Albie’s. It was New York style pizza and very tasty; we completed our meal with a couple beers. We spent more of the afternoon out on the beach and in the ocean before changing and walking alone the boardwalk again. We were able to heat the leftover pizza up for dinner, but instead of fudge, we picked out some frozen yogurt that was nearby.

We had an early night planned, as we were setting an alarm for 5:30am to watch the sunrise. It was A rough wake up call, but worth it. We moved to our balcony and sat in peace as the sun came up over the ocean. I, personally, have always enjoyed the sunrise a bit more than the sunset. I believe it represents new beginnings and fresh starts and it is sure a perfect and pure way to start the day. I love it.

*Dates visited: July 10-12


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