Jake v. Amanda

It was just like any other Friday evening in the Jurgens household when I was given a new perspective on my relationship with my husband. We were in our usual positions on the couch trying to decide which lame TV show or movie we would watch until we fell asleep halfway through. I became quite excited about something (I can’t tell you what it was, but that makes sense if you know me, and it will make sense in a bit if you don’t). Nic made some comment about how I got excited just like Jake, the dog. Nic has compared me to Jake enough times that it does not phase me, but for some reason my eyes were opened to something I had never thought of before.

It dawned on me that one reason Nic may love me is because he loves his dog so much. If Jake and I are truly as similar as he is consistently making it seem, then by default he would have to love me too. I am basically the human form of Jake. Below is a list of many (but not all) examples proving this to be true:

  1. Both are easily excited.
    1. Jake will run in circles at the sight of a leash.
    2. Amanda will jump up and down just thinking about the new Jazzercise music.
  2. Both are easily distracted.
    1. Jake will be incredible focused on his bone, but completely forgets about it when Nic comes home from work.
    2. Amanda can talk about 15 different topics in a matter of 3 minutes.
  3. Both are very forgetful.
    1. Jake can’t remember his last meal.
    2. Amanda… Hold on, I can’t find my phone right now.
  4. It doesn’t take much for either of them to be happy.
    1. Jake chews on the same bone all day and never complains, so he must be happy.
    2. Amanda is happy if she spells something correctly.
  5. Both drool.
    1. Um….
  6. Both whine a lot.
    1. Jake whines when he is hungry, needs to go to the bathroom, wants attention, or when Nic leaves.
    2. Amanda whines when she is hungry, needs to go to the bathroom, or wants attention, or when Nic leaves.
  7. Both are always hungry.
    1. Jake literally does not know when he is full because he is a Chocolate Lab and does not have the sensory nerves to tell his brain when he is full.
    2. Amanda has a bottomless pit for a stomach.
  8. Both follow Nic everywhere he goes.
    1. Jake is a stalker.
    2. Amanda has separation anxiety.
    3. I may have accidentally switched those around.
  9. Both have a lot of energy.
    1. Jake can run for hours and never get tired.
    2. Amanda wakes up and doesn’t need coffee in the morning – that is real energy, my friends.
  10. Both are loud.
    1. Jake barks all the time.
    2. Amanda doesn’t know what an “inside voice” is.
  11. Both like cuddling with Nic.
    1. Jake is very stealthy and can climb on the bed without anyone knowing and before Nic knows it, Jake is curled up right next to or on Nic.
    2. Amanda is absolutely not stealthy, but still attempts to crawl to Nic’s side of the bed to snuggle, only to find Jake has beaten her there.
    3. The struggle is real.

So, what do I do with this new found information? Nothing. I am, quite simply, content with being just like Jake.


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