An Unexpected Gift

Reason #1 why I love my mountain man – his huge heart never ceases to amaze me.

Nic’s birthday is today, and in my family birthdays are a very. big. deal. We decided we would celebrate a few days early and go out to one of his favorite Omaha restaurants, J. Coco. Before I continue, I would just like to announce to the world that this place is AMAZING. The service is spot on and the food is -quite literally – some of the best food you will ever have. We all tasted some of each plate ordered (this is Raabe law), and agreed that every dish was superb. I had the boneless braised short ribs and I don’t think I will ever eat again because nothing will ever live up to the perfection of the plate. I have never had meat that was so melt-in-your-mouth, with a sauce and gnocchi that paired so perfectly with it. It was so tender, and rich, and the sauce was creamy heaven.

Okay, I need to stop. I’m drooling.

Back to the story… After we left foodie paradise, we were all headed back to mine and Nic’s abode. As we approached our street we noticed a creature sauntering down the road. It was cold and pouring rain so when we saw it was a dog, my husband slowed down and rolled the window down to try and get his attention. The poor guy was moving slowly and just appeared to be so sad. To be honest, I would be sad too, and bawling my eyes out, and traumatized, if I had to walk home, in the rain, by myself, after dark, in October when clowns are on the loose. Nic stopped the car, opened the door, and carefully walked towards the dog, while I skeptically watched from the passenger seat. Just a few minutes later and I was running through the rain to bring Nic a leash so we could bring the dog home for shelter and food.


The dog appeared to be very tame and kind. He was the skinniest, saddest dog I have ever seen and all I could hear was Sarah McLachlan singing as I watched him roam our small basement. His ears were clipped shorter than I had ever seen, along with his tail, he was soaking wet, shivering, and confused. He scarfed the food down as quickly as his jaws would allow, but I’m pretty sure he hadn’t eaten in quite a while, so he struggled a bit. We dried him off with a couple of towels and gave him some water before putting him in the kennel for the night. The second Nic walked upstairs and was out of sight, the poor guy started crying. It was hard to listen to. All we wanted to do was comfort him.

In the meantime, our own dog, Jake, was causing a ruckus. He was pretty confused and upset, and just didn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to see this new being in our house. Jake whined, and paced for most of the rest of the evening. Nic started looking online for anyone who may have a missing dog, but after a couple hours he had no luck. He had posted on his own Facebook page, a lost dogs page, and on a neighborhood website. Many people responded with advice and kind words, but no one claimed him, We decided he would go to the Humane Society the next day and that was that. It was a long night, as both our dog and the stray continued to cry through the night, but both our hearts were breaking for this sweet animal with no home.

The next morning Nic and I woke and fed the stray dog in our basement and discussed our plan of action. Nic would take him to the Humane Society and they would take care of it from there. Well, 3 hours later,  I get a phone call from my husband while I’m at work, and as it turns out, the dog is not going to be going to the Humane Society. I won’t get into the details of it, but Nic couldn’t just leave him there and never know what they decide to do with him. The Humane Society is a wonderful organization, and we by no means expect anything from them other than what they offered us, but by leaving the dog with them, we would get no follow up and would not have an opportunity to take him back. Not having a follow up was something Nic couldn’t bare, so he took the dog with him as he walked back through the doors. He decided to take this sweet guy to the vet. He decided to have him boarded at the animal hospital for the weekend, and have them do all the blood work to see where he was at medically. This also gave us some time to figure out what to do.

On Saturday, we got the best news – there were no medical issues and he was totally healthy, except for being 20 pounds underweight. Nic and I were thrilled by this and were anxious to pick him up the next day. At this point we also figured out he was probably a Cane Corso and about 10 years old. Cane Corsos are often considered bully dogs, but we have seen absolutely no behavior from him that would indicate he would ever be aggressive – something our vet and anyone else who has been around him would agree with. Since we found him on Thursday, he has been nothing but tame and sweet and wonderful. Now, we just had to decide if we would take him back to the humane society, or try and find a home for him ourselves. After multiple conversations and trying very hard to stay away from the option of keeping him all for ourselves we decided we would try and find someone to foster or sponsor him ourselves. In no more than 72 hours we fell in love with this guy, and we wanted a say in where he would end up.

Now, Sunday evening, we are both emotionally exhausted. We spent the day with our new friend – playing in the yard with our dog Jake and giving him lots of belly rubs! He is getting along great and we are so proud of him. How this guy ended up on the streets is something we may never know, but it crushes my heart to pieces to think that someone may have just kicked him out or didn’t want him. If I had been the one driving the car on Thursday and if Nic had not been with me, I honestly cannot say I would have stopped for the animal on the street. After the last three days it is hard for me to admit this – this particular situation has turned out so positive and I know that doesn’t always happen. If we had not stopped for him, I’m not sure he would have survived the night – it froze and it was pouring rain. I do believe there was a reason my husband was driving the car at just the right moment – God is always working to take care of his creation.


The fact that my husband did not think twice about helping the dog in the rain is something that melts my heart in a way I cannot explain. I thought after two years of being with him, I knew how big his heart was (and trust me – it’s huge), but he continually astounds me with his kindness and selflessness, especially when it comes to animals. His actions consistently remind me of how lucky I am; he is an incredible man.


Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Colossians 3:12


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