Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream Brownies

Oh goodness. The holiday season is upon us. Let’s be real, the holiday season started November 1st for me, so it’s actually been upon us for a while. Side  note: one perk of my husband waking up after me, is he doesn’t have to know I listen to Christmas music starting sometime in the middle of October. Yes, I’m that person.

With the holiday season, comes the busy season. Does anyone actually slow down during this time? Yes, my dad, because he retired at the beginning of this month – YAY DAD – but he is an outlier in during this season. Most people who are not retired have six holiday parties to go to, four white elephant parties, five secret Santa exchanges, two holiday potlucks at work, and three ugly sweater parties – ALL IN ONE DAY. Okay, I’m being dramatic, but that is how it really feels sometimes.

Plus, all the food that has to be made when attending these events? Too much. I am a firm believer in the unwritten rule: never show up empty handed. Time to whip up some holiday goodness.

I found a few recipes for peppermint brownies on Pinterest, but most of them had 12 layers of frosting. Stop rolling your eyes like I am exaggerating. Layers… hmm. Layered desserts always win. I went with this idea and I came up with this deliciousness.

Chocolate Fudge Peppermint Brownies

2 recipes for brownies (I made this for my husband’s work potluck, and was working on the fly, so I used two boxes of Pillsbury fudge)
1.5 quarts of peppermint ice cream
1 can of hot fudge
Crushed peppermint sprinkles

1. Bake your brownies (as directed by the box or whatever recipe you are using). Make sure you bake them as separate recipes, don’t combine them into one large pan of brownies.

2. Let both pans of brownies cool completely. While they are cooling, set your ice cream out to soften.

3. After your brownies are cool, and your ice cream soft, pick one of the pans of brownies and spread the ice cream on top.

4. Break up the second pan of brownies into half to one inch slices. They don’t need to be pretty. Don’t try to make them pretty. Layer the brownie pieces atop the ice cream layer.

5. Warm up the fudge as directed. You don’t want it hot, but you want it to pour easily. Spread it over the brownies as evenly as possible. It won’t be perfect. Don’t try to make them perfect.

6. Sprinkle the peppermint sprinkles over the brownie and fudge layer. Freeze for a couple hours, until hard, and then serve. OR, don’t freeze it and just serve it as is — melted goodness. Cold, melted, goodness.

No nutritional info for this – I’m give up nutrition for the holidays.


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